1895 Armenian Massacre

1895 Yılında olan Hamidiye Ermeni olayları esnasında İngiliz (British) diplomat Martih Gosselin tarafından Dışişleri bakanı Lord Kimberley'e gönderilen ve içinde Tevfik Paşa'dan ne yapmasını istediklerini belirten mektup 4 sayfa (Pages) 33x21 cm.

An original letter sent to the Foreign Secretary Lord Kimberley from diplomat Sir Martin Gosselin, relating to the Hamidian massacres of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks, 1895.

Tüm Mektup: 'My Lord, Tevfik Pasha the Turkish Ambassador here, asked me the other day whether I had received any news of the progress of the commission now investigating the alleged outrages in Armenia: His Excellency said that he had read the letters published in the "Daily Telegraph" from their special correspondent Mr Dillon in Armenia and hoped that it would be proved that the statements of that journalist had been greatly exaggerated. I replied that if only a tithe of the allegations turned out to be true, it would show the absolute necessity of a reform of the local administration. Tevfik Pasha said that it would be difficult for the Sultan to grant autonomous concessions to the Armenians alone: such a course would be --- and is affection: and that more than once when asked for his opinion by the Porte, he had urged that it would be more prudent to bestow local reforms on all the populations of the empire. Russia, said His Excellency, would never allow an autonomous Armenia to be created on her frontier: of this he had an absolute certainty; in fact the Russian government were doing their best at the present to repress and exterminate all Armenian national life in the Trans-Caucasus Provinces. I told His Excellency that, however this might be, the Armenians over the border enjoyed at least the elementary rights to live and to hold property; and this could hardly be said to be the case in certain districts in Asiatic Turkey. Curiously enough His Excellency's remarks as to the attempts of the Russian administrations at Tiflis to Russianize the Armenian population are confirmed by the Times' St Petersburg correspondent, in a letter published in the Times of yesterday, to which I venture to draw your Lordship's attention. Baron von Marschall mentioned incidentally today that he had heard that the Sultan was much disturbed by the commission of enquiry, that the existing crisis was entirely due to Her Majesty's "laissez aller" policy and that he anticipated that there would be a great outcry in England when the procès-verbeux of the commission were published, especially if Mr Gladstone made his expected "pronouncement" against the continued ill-treatment of the Armenian subjects of the Porte. M. Gosselin'

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