Auction - Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition:

1. The products in the auction catalogue belong to sellers.

2. Pingudu Müzayede, is a mediator and accepts bids coming from customers.

3. The products in the auction catalogue is a guidance for buyers. Images on the website may not reflect the actual colour and condition of the product. Due to the differences that may arise; our company will not accept any responsibility. All products can be seen in the office of Pingudu Müzayede.

4. The person who gives the highest bid takes the product. If the only one person gives bid, he/she will take the product to the initial price. The product cannot be sold under the starting price.


When you bid, if the current price look "Green" it mean you are the first bidder and will win the auction.
If the current price look "Red" it mean you outbid, you have to increase your bid for win.
If there are 2 same bids on the auction, first bidder win the auction.

6. %20 Buyer's Premium and shipping fees will be added to the "Hammer price".

7. The price of the purchased product will be paid within 10 days after the auction.

8. Payments can be in Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cash. (If you pay with PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer, 5% will be added to total price.)

9. Images of the products in the auction catalogue cannot be used without permission.


The bidding proceeds according to increments:

Between 1 TL - 20 TL: 1 TL
20 TL - 50 TL: 2 TL
50 TL - 100 TL: 5 TL
100 TL - 200 TL: 10 TL
200 TL - 500 TL: 20 TL
500 TL - 1.000 TL: 50 TL
1.000 TL - 2.000 TL: 100 TL
2.000 TL -  5.000 TL: 250 TL

5.000 TL - 10.000 TL: 500 TL

After 10.000 TL: 1.000 TL