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Online "Live" Auction / Old Photographs, Postcards, Ephemera, Philately, Map, Books, Engraving and Objects / 22 November, Sunday - 18:05 (Gmt +3)

You can place bids to all items in our auction until 22 November, Sunday 18:00 (GMT +3) // At 18.00, Please click "LIVE" button on the home page and wait for a moment /// This page will automatically be active and "Online Live Auction" will start at 18.05 and each item will be sold with 15 second intervals //// During the last 5 seconds of this ongoing process, if any item is given a bid, the ending time will be automatically be increased for another 5 seconds.

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Lot: 465 » Ephemera

1796 tarihinde Osmanlı İmparatorluğuna Fransız büyükelçisi olarak atanmış General Aubert du Bayet'in 1796/97 tarihli "Liberte - Egalite, Pera-Les-Constantinople" antetli ıslak imzalı dokümanı.

Aubert 1797 tarihinde İstanbul'da vefat etmiştir.

Tam metin: Le General Aubert du Bayet, Ambassadeur de la Republique Francaise pres de la porte Othomane, le depart de la compagnie d'Artillerie, legere employee a l'instruction des turcs et celui des officiers francaises precedemment employere ou destinee au service du grand seigneur; Arrete que le citoyen Collin ancien major d'infanterie venu a Constantinople d'apres l'autorisation du gouvernement retournera incessamment en France et qu'il profitera a cet effet du batiment qui va conduire la compagnie d'Artillerie legere a Ancone. Aubert-Dubayet Port l'ambassadeur de la Republique. In 1796, General Aubert du Bayet was appointed as ambassador ("Minister of the Republic") to the Ottoman Empire.He was sent to the Ottoman court with artillery equipment, and French artillerymen and engineers to help with the development of the Ottoman arsenals and foundries.Infantry and cavalry officers were also to train the Spahis and Janissaries, but they were frustrated by the opposition of the Janissaries.Ironically, some of these troops, trained to Western methods, were successfully employed against the French troops of Napoleon a few years later under Sir Sydney Smith at the Siege of Saint-Jean d'Acre in 1799.Their behaviour delighted Selim III, and upon their return, they were named Nizam-gedittes or "New Regulars", but they were eventually slaughtered and dispersed by the Janissaries and conservative clerics and politicians, leading to the deposition of Selim III.


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