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Online "Live" Auction - OLD RARE BOOK & GRAMOPHONE RECORD / 25 October, Sunday - 21:05 (Gmt +3)

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Lot: 48 » Old Book

1700's - L'Histoire de la Belle Hélaine de Constantinople, Mére de Saint-Martin de Tours en Touraine et de Saint-Brice by Caen Chez A.Hardel.
40 sayfa(pages) 17x11 cm.

Hakkında çok az şey bilinen, basım tarihi bile belli olmayan (tahmini 1700'ler) son derece nadir bir İstanbul kitabı.

Bu kitabın 1700 sonları olduğu tahmin edilen farklı bir versiyona dair internette yabancı kaynaklarda bilgi mevcut olup, kitabın yazı karakteri ve kitabın kapak resmindeki farklılıklara ve yazı karakterine bakarak bu baskının çok daha eski bir baskı olduğunu tahmin etmekteyiz.Bu baskının yerli ya da yabancı hiçbir müzayedede kaydına rastlayamadık.

The story is a version of the 14th-century epic poem of the wanderings of Helen of Constantinople, much condensed from the 15,000 verses of the original into 40 pages of prose. The story is one of incest, a surprisingly common theme in mediaeval literature: Helen, daughter of Antoine, Emperor of Constantinople, flees her father's advances following the death of her mother, instead escaping to marry Henry, King of England. Henry's mother conspires to kill her, but Helen escapes again, losing her arm in the process. Antoine meanwhile repents, is baptized, and is forgiven by Helen, who is reunited with her arm (which is divinely re-attached) and all the family. First published within a few decades of the introduction of printing to France, the story was published in numerous versions and formats up to the 19th century.


Starting Bid: 6,000 TL

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